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About Us and

What We Do

We have been in the art and writing business for over 30 years. Creativity is our expertise. We give individual attention to each client whether a one man operation or a large corporation.

Design for Multi-Platforms

We Are Different


IMP designs or redesigns Magazines, Brochures, Newsletters, banners
and other forms of print projects.
We will create files ready for press
as well as for emag publications.
We work very closely with start-ups,
as well as, layout and design on an ongoing basis for existing publishers. Our editorial staff will write, edit and review all copy to ensure the most effective finished project.
We offer photographic services, illustration services and initial brand name and product labeling design services.


Web Design

IMP will design and redesign websites for all platforms including desktop,
tablets and smartphones.
IMP will create content with keywords
to increase visibility on search engine platforms such as google and safari.
Additionally, we will create page links, website links, email links,
and navigation links for your website.
IMP creates CMS websites to give the customer a leg up on competition.
We will develop content for a
website which could include blogs,
shopping carts, audio and video clips,
as well as animations.


Video and Audio Editing

Video and audio editing is vital to any film project. It is where the Idea comes to life.
With the mixing of raw video, text, audio voice-overs, motion graphics, static pictures and audio sound effect creations, the editing and tweaking is where the project can become a flop or winner.
IMP offers services to create videos for websites, social media, college resumes, weddings, commercials,
corporation and personal events, entertainment projects,
and the film industry

Island Media Productions, Inc

Long Island, New York

Maresca Smith

Planning & Design

Our talented designers work closely with clients to create fantastic projects.


Our production works efficiently without compromising creativity and ALWAYS hits deadlines!

Project Delivery

Projects are delivered in a timely fashion via hand delivery or online transmission.